Pink Floyd beats up EMI

In another hit for EMI shortly after viral-video Youtube frequenters OK Go decided to OK Go at it alone, Pink Floyd has just won a lawsuit ordering the company to quit flogging individual tracks intended for concept albums.

Because a lot of Pink Floyd’s work is meant to be listened to together, in what Floyd’s lawer Robert Howe says is seamless pieces of music, the band were annoyed to see EMI selling tracks out of context.

Pink Floyd, one of EMI’s biggest bands, claim that EMI’s actions were making dents in artist integrity. EMI argued that the bands contract applied only to physical album sales and left the internet out of it. Understandably Floyd were miffed and hit The Wall because digital music has found huge success only in recent years, not ten years ago when the contract was penned.

Fortunately for Floyd the judge was a fan, saying that the contract protected the artistic integrity of the albums, and ordered EMI to dole out dosh for the band’s legal costs – as well as paying damages. EMI, said Judge Andrew Morritt, said that EMI will no longer be able to Meddle or “exploit recordings by online distribution or by any other means other than the complete album without Pink Floyd’s consent.” Money, it’s a gas.

Also on the agenda were royalty problems which Judge Andy ruled on. However, due to commercial confidentiality, the judgment has been made private and kept in A Saucerful of Secrets.