People will pay to prevent hacking

Scottish flagNearly three quarters of British people are worried that their private information is being compromised.

That’s according to a survey from YouGov, commissioned by a company called Cloudmask.

The survey discovered that 72 percent of Brits surveyed are fretting about private information being disclosed without anyone asking – including emails, chat, files and pictures.

But the same survey showed that a third of people think they have the responsibility to look after their own devices.

Thirty two percent would pay for software, with 15 percent of those ready to stump up £1 a month, 14 percent a fiver, and four percent £10 a month.

This is obviously good news for Cloudmask, which I think it is fair to assume has something of an axe to grind.

The survey sample size was 2,083 adults, and conducted between the 23td and the 24th of March this year.