People crowd fund a tech magazine

A group of hacks who walked out of Future Publishing’s Linux Format are hoping to launch a rival monthly magazine of their own called Linux Voice.

Apparently, they have launched a crowdfunding campaign in the hope of raising £90,000 to get their project off the ground by February next year. Curiously, they want to run a print edition and a digital one.

The team is led by Andrew Gregory, the former deputy editor and operations editor at Linux Format. According to a posting, more than 10 percent of the target was raised within a day.

Unlike many magazines, the novelty point is that Linux Voice will give half its profits to various free software good causes, directly supporting the Linux community. Given that profits are unlikely for a while, we guess this is aspirational.

The magazine plans to release its content under a creative commons licence after nine months, so others can build on the magazine’s database of content.

Gregory told the Guardian  that not being part of a large publishing company means the magazine will be agile enough to respond to trends.

If it works then the project hopes to create a bew business model for the magazine publishing business.

“Technology is getting cheaper all the time, reducing barriers to entry into the market. And with crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and IndieGogo, anyone with a good idea can raise the money they need to get started,” he said.

Gregory said that there is still cash to be made from print magazines, even from a title that deals with computers.