Pegatron might pick up Apple business

The long love affair between Apple and Foxconn might be over, according to the celebrity columns of the Wall Street Journal.

Apparently Apple has been seen holding the hand of Taiwanese beauty Pegatron, while Foxconn has not left its flat.

The Taiwan-based supplier has long history with Apple and there have been some jealous antics between the two for Apple’s affections before.

Electronista said that Pegatron has won the contract to be the primary supplier of a future “low-cost” iPhone model that has been rumoured for months.

Pegatron already produces most of the iPad minis, and recently announced it was hiring an additional 40,000 workers for an unnamed project.

Apple is expected to play both sides off against each other for a while. Foxconn keeps custody of the iPhones, iPads and other products.

But it looks like new projects are being given to Pegatron.

One of the last straws for Apple was that Foxconn changed component suppliers for a part in the iPhone without notifying Apple. It also moaned publicly that the iPhone 5 was difficult to assemble and went on to produce iPhones with scratches and scuffs out of the box.