Pegatron "aghast" at Apple accusations

Asustek spin-off Pegatron is submerged in angst following accusations that an Apple exec allegedly paid it kickbacks to secure its business.

According to the Taipei Times, Pegatron has suspended one of its own managers at mainland subsidiary Kaedar Electronics while it investigates the allegations.

The newspaper said that Pegatron was “surprised” about the media reports and quoted a rep at the company as saying that its manager believed she had engaged in a commercial act, and was unaware that any alleged “kickback” was involved.

The suspended manager is the head of Kaedar, according to the rep from Pegatron.

Paul Devine denied earlier this week that he had scooped $1 million as a supply manager at Apple.

The Taipei Times said that paying money to agents for orders was “common practice” but Pegatron doesn’t pay bribes to get business.

The case will continue.