Paypal billionaire’s start-up discriminates against Asians

110414peterthiel_1280x720Friend of Donald Trump and sworn enemy of Gawker media, Peter Thiel has been accused of running a tech start-up which discriminates against Asians.

Theil who has spent his billions trying to get Trump elected and bankrupting an online magazine which outed him as gay runs a data analytics and security company called Palantir Technologies.

Now the US Department of Labour filed an administrative lawsuit saying the outfit discriminated against Asian job applicants.

If you have never heard of Palantir it is not surprising. IT helps government agencies track down terrorists and uncover financial fraud. It raised $880 million in funding late last year, for a $20 billion valuation, and is considered one of Silicon Valley’s most secretive companies.

According to the lawsuit alleges Palantir routinely eliminated Asian applicants in the resume screening and telephone interview phases, even when they were as qualified as white applicants.

Ian Eliasoph, civil rights counsel for the Labour Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs, said Palantir was randomly selected for a review, which examines the number of applicants for a given position compared with applicants’ demographics. If signs of discrimination are found, the office opens an inquiry to search for violations.

In one case Palantir reviewed a pool of more than 130 qualified applicants for the role of engineering intern. About 73 percent of applicants were Asian. The lawsuit, which covers Palantir’s conduct between January 2010 and the present, said the company hired 17 non-Asian applicants and four Asians.

“The likelihood that this result occurred according to chance is approximately one in a billion,” said the lawsuit, which was filed with the department’s Office of Administrative Law Judges.

The Labour Department warned Palantir a notice in October 2015 about its findings, but Palantir refused to make any voluntary compliance.