Palm blames Verizon Wireless for poor profits

The CEO of Palm blamed Verizon Wireless for not selling enough of its products, an internal memo has revealed.

Palm issued a profit warning yesterday.

Jon Rubenstein said in the memo that Verizon Wireless had agreed that it could do more to push its products.

Verizon, he said, acknowledged it hadn’t “executed” well enough on selling Palm products, so had sent out 200 “evangelists” to train up the poor guys at Verizon Wireless in a project called Jump Start.

Rubenstein said that customer adoption of its products put US carriers to put orders on hold – that means the products didn’t sell well enough.

It’s also embarked on an advertising jamboree in the United States too, he said in the memo.

Rubenstein did not acknowledge there was a problem with returns in his memo. There has been some chat on different forums about how good the Palm products are.

No one from Verizon Wireless was available for comment as to whether it should take the blame for the profit warning. Most people agree webOS is good.