Ozzie creates post Microsoft start-up

Former Microsoft brains, Ray Ozzie has created a startup called Cocomo.

Ozzie, who was Bill Gates’s successor as Microsoft’s chief software architect is not giving out many details about Cocomo. He is hiring, but the place does not have an office, according to this web site – which has its facts more than a bit awry. Notes was in beta test in 1986 and has bugger all to do with Microsoft. IBM took Lotus over, as the world+dog remembers. Ozzie worked for Iris, which was bought by Lotus. He worked on code for the ineffable Lotus Symphony, which we remember.

Ozzie wrote that the team won’t be ready to talk about what they’re working on for some months.

He said that Cocomo was his main focus as he tried to get the project off the ground.

But this does not appear to be a small app startup. Also involved are former Microsoft executive Matt Pope and Ransom Richardson who was another Redmond refugee. More people are expected as Ozzie brings in more people from Microsoft and Groove Networks. .

Looking at the job vacancies it would seem that Cocomo is doing something in the mobile arena. It wants a lead user interface designer with extensive mobile experience. All the job advert says is that Cocomo is building “a new communications product for this new world. …We aspire to deliver compelling tools for social interaction that people will use, value and love.”

Based on that could be a new mobile phone, or it could be a compilation of all Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

The reason that we are suddenly finding out about all this is because when Ozzie left Microsoft he signed a non-compete agreement which expired at the end of 2011.

Boston.com asked Ozzie if Cocomo was a merge of the words “collaboration” and “mobile” but Ozzie pointed out that the co could stand for loads of things like communication, coordination, conversation, coherence. Perhaps he will make chocolate smartphones that melt in your pocket and but not your brain.   Or perhaps a device that bites the heads off bats.