Oxford Uni makes bid for Silicon Valley mantle

Professor Ian WarmsleyAlthough still light years away from Silicon Valley’s success, academics at Oxford University believe it’s feasible for the academic institution to shake the tech industry’s money tree.

Speaking at the Silicon Valley comes to Oxford event at the Said Business School (SBS), Professor Ian Warmsley, pro vice chancellor (PVC) and head of experimental quantum optics quipped that he was an elf in the push for business success. “Life is fantastic when you’re plastic.”  The Said Business School is an MBA hothouse.

He said that the university had educated 26 British prime ministers in the past. “My guess is that the new cabinet will probably be 50 percent Oxford people.” Oxford had educated over 30 overseas presidents and prime ministers, he said.

Oxford has spun out many companies including Oxford Instruments, OxSyBio, Oxbotica and Natural Motion.

He said that the plan was to make Oxford and Oxfordshire “just like Silicon Valley. We’ve been working with the city and councils to enable innovation at its heart”.

Warmsley’s speciality is quantum technologies. He said: “Security will be guaranteed by the laws of physics, and not on a trusted third party.” Benefits of using quantum technologies will be tamper free GPS and secure communications.