Osram goes after LG and Samsung

Siemens‘ lighting arm Osram has decided to jump on the patent infringement bandwagon.

It’s decided to file lawsuits in both the US and Germany against LG as well as target LG further by filing further suits against the company in Japan.

The reason why Osram has gone all gung ho against these companies, especially LG, which has also been slapped with a lawsuit in Japan and will face a further one tomorrow when the lighting company files similar claims in China, is because it believes that the pair  infringe its patents on white and surface mountable LEDs.

It now wants the companies to stop using this technology as well as a ban on the importation of products that include such LEDs, which supposedly end up in products such as as LED-blacklit televisions and computer screens.

Osram also wants money in its pocket, asking both companies for compensation. The LEDs that Osram alleges infringe end up in such products as LED-blacklit televisions and computer screens, the company said.

These technologies are based on the electrical and thermal connection structure and on the conversion technology, which, for example, for white LEDs, the blue light of the LED chip is converted into white light.  Corresponding LED backlighting used for example in modern televisions and computer monitors are used.