Oracle's Google-Java show trial cost more than it could've won

Oracle has been trying its best to sue Google over alleged Java copyright infringement, but the lawsuit eventually faltered. 

Nothing came of it for Ellison, apart from a rather embarrassing court order. In an effort to prove that it should stick to network gear and business solutions rather than legal matters, Oracle tried to file three damages reports against Google.

The court dismissed the first two, but eventually allowed the third one, on condition that Oracle pay Google’s legal fees and expenses for defending against the report.

Here is where it becomes interesting. The statutory maximum Google could pay in such a case is $300,000, or $150,000 per incident. However, a spokesgoogle told Business Insider that the company’s fees and expenses are somewhat greater than $300,000, although Google did not release the exact figure. Oracle refused to comment.

In the end both companies spent plenty of money on a case that came to nothing, but at least they sent a few lawyers’ kids to college, which, as far as we can tell, is the most useful thing about all of these spats.