Oracle welcomes HPE by suing it

Consulting-the-Oracle-JWW-1884You know your new company has finally arrived when you get your first law suit from Oracle and it seems that despite being officially only a few months old, HPE has made it.

In the old days when HP just made expensive printer ink, Oracle used to sue it regularly.  The bad blood started when Oracle bought Sun Microsystems to become a direct competitor to HP in the hardware business.

Then Oracle hired HP’s former CEO Mark Hurd after Hurd left HP amidst a scandal involving dodgy expenses and a soft-porn startlet.

This new lawsuit is not particularly exciting. Oracle claims that HP “partnered” with a third-party software support called TERiX Computer Company to offer enterprises support for Oracle’s Solaris operating system.  Since Oracle makes most of its money selling such support for its various software and has sued other third-party providers that try to do this kind of support for a cheaper price than Oracle.

Oracle has sued TERiX and in June a judge ordered TERiX to pay $57.7 million in damages.

Oracle says it was it uncovered this alleged relationship between HP and TERiX during that previous TERix lawsuit and now it wants to make HPE pay.

A spokesOracle said: “Oracle obtained a judgment against Terix, and will continue to pursue companies like HP that misappropriate our software for their own financial gain.”