Oracle wants billions of dollars from Google

It looks like TechEye was right and Oracle is going for billions of dollars from Google over its Android patents in a bid to sink the operating system.

Oracle sued Google last year, claiming the Web search company’s Android mobile operating technology nicked Oracle’s Java ideas. Oracle bought the Java programing language when it wrote a cheque for Sun Microsystems in January 2010.

However it had not been clear how much Larry Ellison wanted out of the trial between Oracle and Google. It is expected to begin by November. Reuters said that a  list of what Oracle believes have been its damages has been released to the court. We are expecting to hear the finally tally this afternoon.

Google has called an Oracle damages report “unreliable and results-oriented,” and asked a US judge in San Francisco to ignore it.

It has disputed Oracle’s sums and asked the court to keep private some damages information Google disclosed in a court filing.

Oracle accused Google of trying to hide the fact Oracle’s damages claims in the case are in the billions. Larry has no problem with information about its damages becoming public, the court was told.

US District Judge William Alsup ordered Google yesterday to make public the damages information by today.

We predicted that the actual damages count would be high because Ellison wants to force Google to be forced to charge a licence fee for Android.