Oracle told to cut back on its Android case

The Judge in the Oracle versus Google case has told the database king to cut back on its attacks against the search engine outfit’s Android software.

It appears that Oracle lawyers have adopted the blunderbuss approach and are attempting to fire everything against Google in the hope that something will hit.

However,  US district judge William Alsup said Oracle had made 132 claims from seven patents and there are hundreds of prior art references in play for invalidity defences.

He said this was taking the Michael. He wants a case dealt with in October but if he has to sit through all of Oracle’s claims and counterclaims, so he will probably be collecting his pension before the case is heard.

Alsup said Oracle needed to get the case down to three claims and eight prior art references.

The robed but not wigged one decreed that Oracle will have to surrender all of its present infringement claims against Google based on the 129 asserted claims that will not be tried.

The tetchy judge added that Oracle may not renew those infringement claims in a subsequent action except for new products which Google might invent.

Given Oracle’s enthusiasm for the court action we expect that the legal antics on this case will run for a trillian years and the legal bill will set new records in the measurements for infinity.

At the end of the day, no one will have developed, or saved a new product as a result of it and the whole thing will be listed as the greatest wastes of human effort since someone tried to convince Princess Diana to lay low after her divorce.