Oracle to kick off at Google in Java spat on Monday

Oracle is set to go toe to toe in the courtroom with Google next week in a case concerning the search giant’s alleged abuse of Java.

The jury selection for the court date, one of many for Oracle this year, is set for Monday in San Francisco.  

The company is accusing Google of ripping off its Java programming language in the Android operating system.  Google denies this, saying that Oracle can’t copyright some parts of Java.

Oracle had originally been in line to collect billions from Google, or so it thought, but with a number of patents being removed from the case the figure is dwindling. 

Still, Oracle is seeking over a billion dollars and is not ready to give up the fight with the potential to grab a portion of Android’s substantial revenues.

In fact, the sight of Oracle suits hanging around courtrooms is set to be a common one across the US as the firm steps up legal battles on a number of fronts.

According to Reuters, Oracle declined to comment on how the numerous barneys are affecting the performance of its top staff, but clearly its legal eagles are being spread somewhat thin.

Oracle will also face up against HP in the continuing row over the lingering demise of Intel’s Itanium processor at the end of next month.   HP is already hoping that it can get one up on Oracle with a pre trial win.

Gloves will also be off for its retrial against SAP over copyright infringement, with Larry Ellison and co demanding that more cash is stumped up. Another case will kick off with Rimini Street later on in the year.