Oracle storms in with huge profits – as predicted

Software giant Oracle declared its third quarter earnings which have surpassed the dream of Gerontius, never mind Larry Ellison. Croesus would be jealous. Oracle’s  third quarter profit rose by 78 percent, if you compare this third quarter to last year’s third quarter. We said it was going to do OK earlier this week.

An unseemly row broke out earlier this week between Oracle and HP, with little Intel being caught in the middle, over the Itanium microprocessor.

Oracle, in Redwood Shores, said that its revenues for its third quarter amounted to $8.76 billion – not bad at all – with profits just north of $1.18 billion.

Its hardware gross margins were 55 percent for the quarter, and its hardware products are mostly Sun Microsystems’ stuff, as was.

Software licensing rose, and so everything TechEye said earlier this week came to pass and more.

Can Intel and HP afford to ignore SPARC now, TechEye wonders. Oracle appears to be very bullish.