Oracle slammed with $100 million lawsuit

The claws are out once again for Oracle which is now facing a $100 million  (£63.9 million ) lawsuit after being accused of stealing source code.

The finger pointing comes from security software firm 2FA, which has a beef with Oracle’s subsidiary Passlogix. It claims the company stole source code for authentication and credential management, which it used in the Passlogix’s v-Go software.

Although this is also used by Oracle, the alleged theft apparently took place before the company took over Passlogix.

According to Secure Computing Magazine Australia, 2FA said in the court papers that the agreement with Passlogix in 2006 provided a licence to 2FA software “under very restrictive terms.

“Oracle has been and continues to sell software misappropriated from 2FA, even after being notified by 2FA of its illegal actions,” it added.

The company also went one step further, claiming that a Passlogix product manager sent an e-mail containing 2FA source code to other members of staff who “had no requirement to access” such information.

It added that Oracle should have known better and identified that some of the  intellectual property it was acquiring in the Passlogix deal was wrongly taken.

2FA claims the damage caused by Passlogix’s and Oracle’s illegal actions is worth more than $10m, but the company wants over $100m, including punitive damages.

2FA claims Oracle knew, or should have known, that some of the intellectual property it was acquiring in the Passlogix deal was illicitly taken.

Oracle  filed and won a similar lawsuit over SAP, after claiming copyright infringement by the company’s TomorrowNow subsidiary.

Oracle won a not insignicant $1.3 billion for its troubles.