Oracle sets sights on start-up

Having finished off the maker of expensive and esoteric management software SAP, Larry Ellison’s legal team has set its sights on a start-up which it thinks is trying steal away its lucrative customers.

The target is an Las Vegas-based startup called Rimini Street that offers Oracle’s customers a 50 percent discount on support contracts.

The outfit has 350 clients, big and small, who are “provided with everything they need, including our updates, sometimes ahead of Oracle.

Seth Ravin, Rimini’s founder is running a business that has a revenue of $25 million.

According to CNN  business is growing which is why the eye of Oracle has turned upon it.

Ravin has another slight problem with Ellison. He was president of TomorrowNow when it sold to SAP, where he remained for three months after the acquisition. He insists that he has nothing to do with hacking into Oracle’s database which caused SAP so much trouble. Ravin says he oversaw sales and marketing at TomorrowNow, not service delivery.

Rimini Street writes its own maintenance programs for Oracle applications and it does the maintenance for PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Siebel, all products Oracle acquired, as well as certain SAP applications. Next year it plans to begin servicing Oracle’s E-Business Suite applications.

Ravin has issued some fighting statements lately. “We will not be intimidated out of legal competition,” Ravin wrote in an email following Oracle’s jury verdict. “

He claims that SAP who, for the own reasons, chose a terrible legal strategy trying to “skip” the fact arguments and just focus on capitulation.

Ravin has said that if he is sued he will fight Oracle on every claim it has made and “will seek to hold them accountable for their anticompetitive actions.