Oracle funds “anti-Google” group

Consulting-the-Oracle-JWW-1884A non-profit group calling itself the “Campaign for Accountability” appears to be an anti-Google group funded by Oracle.

According to Fortune magazine, the group appeared in Washington in the spring and is keeping quiet about who pays for its activities.

While the group appears to be covering issues like  LGBT rights, clean water it has a permanent campaign called “The Google Transparency Project,” which claims to expose the dark satanic doings of the search engine.

Ken Glueck, Senior Vice President of Oracle has admitted that it is contributor to the Transparency Project.

“This is important information for the public to know. It is 100 percent public records and accurate,” said

The admission comes after Fortune was giving a tip off about Oracle funding the anti-Google project.

Oracle is still embroiled in a bitter intellectual property lawsuit with Google. Microsoft, which has run secret anti-Google campaigns in the past, said it is not a contributor.

The deputy director of the CfA, Daniel Stevens, declined to name the group’s other donors, or to explain why it does not disclose its funders.

Google has declined to comment on Oracle’s decision to fund the project.