Oracle EMC buyout rumour taken seriously

Wall Street appears certain that there is some truth to the rumour that Oracle plans to buy storage vendor EMC.

According to CRN, investors drove EMC share prices up more than four percent yesterday even though the rumours are not particular new.

Ever since Larry Ellison stuck a deposit on Sun, EMC had also been considered as a possible acquisition for Oracle’s Glorious Empire.

EMC uses a hardware-software stack built using Oracle software and middleware and Sun hardware so it would be a snug fit within the Empire.

It would also give Oracle a better data centre presence and make its combined hardware-software operations a bitter, er, better rival against HP,’s Matrix and Cisco’s Unified Computing System.

Another side of the deal is that Larry would get control of VMware, enabling it to go head-to-head against Microsoft in the virtualisation and operating system markets.

EMC is strong on security thanks to its RSA products so it means that Oracle does not have to do an Intel and buy another insecurity outfit.