Oracle demands HP drop its case against server man

Oracle and HP seem unable to agree on the time of day without a court intervening, a couple of injuctions and an acusation of corporate spying or three.

According to CIO, the latest court case involves a trade secret lawsuit against Adrian Jones, a former senior vice president who was in charge of HP’s server, storage and networking businesses in Asia.

He now works at Oracle and HP is trying to tell the world+dog that he nicked its corporate data as he left. However Oracle says Jones has been falsely accused of stealing trade secrets and the charges are a complete fiction.

Oracle sent a letter to HP and demanded that it drop its lawsuit against Jones.

HP says Jones resigned before he was about to be fired. It seems that the allegation follows a similar situation that HP had with its former CEO Mark Hurd.

In Jones’ case he was about to be fired for failing to disclose a “close personal relationship” with a subordinate and submitting thousands of dollars in expenses for visiting the subordinate without a legitimate business reason.

HP claimed that Jones downloaded hundreds of files and thousands of emails detailing HP’s secrets before he quit.

Oracle says its own investigation revealed that the hard drive containing the sensitive information was never in Jones’ possession. Apparently the data had been created by HP investigators as part of its internal investigation into his behaviour and had not been downloaded by Jones.

Oracle spokeswoman Deborah Hellinger said that if HP created this case knowingly then HP and their lawyers should be punished.

HP said that Jones did possess trade secrets after he left HP and that only after the court issued a temporary restraining order requested by HP did Jones return to HP “certain confidential information.”