Oracle asked to help people its plans made homeless

she-wronged-him-right-c2a9-paramountOracle has been asked to help the poor people it threw out onto the street to build its shiny new headquarters.

Roughly 100 low income families were hastily evicted this summer from an apartment complex on the land in order to make it available for the sale to Oracle.

Some of the former tenants of Lakeview Apartments had leases until the end of the year, but were reportedly forced by owner Cypress Real Estate Advisors to move out early to make sure the Oracle sale happened.

Security deposits were not returned, and the homeless had no assistance as they’ve struggled to find comparably priced housing.

A group of former tenants reportedly gathered near the site of their one-time home Wednesday to protest and to appeal to Oracle for assistance. They will be suing Cypress Real Estate Advisors.
Oracle is saying nothing and neither Cypress nor City of Austin officials responded to a request for comment.

Oracle made a big thing of its plans to collaborate with local firms to design and build the new campus in a phased approach beginning with the construction of a 560,000 square foot complex and parking development on the waterfront of Austin’s Lady Bird Lake. As part of its effort to attract millennial talent, it will also buy an adjacent 295-unit apartment building for employee housing, it said.

The move will expand Oracle’s Austin staff by more than 50 percent over the next few years, particularly in its Oracle Direct cloud sales organisation.