Oracle adds to HP woes with partner-pinching threat

Oracle continues to revel in the miseries of its hard-up rival HP, with a direct threat to pinch its partners from under the nose of its thumb-twiddling bosses.

Apparently Oracle is ramping up a partner recruitment drive to attract somewhere between 8,000 and 25,000 next year, and has no qualms about eyeing up the competition.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Oracle has stepped on HP’s toes. According to sources last week Oracle is mulling over a potential buy for parts of HP.  Whether this is just an attempt to further destabilise HP is unclear, or if Ellison’s just having a laugh with it all.

For sheer cheek we have to applaud Oracle senior VP of worldwide alliances and channel sales Judson Althoff.

In a press briefing at OpenWorld Conference, Althoff declared that Oracle is “absolutely going to go into our competitor’s base because we think there are some fairly effective partners out there”.

Althoff went on to stick the boot in further on HP’s recent reputation, declaring that “we think our competition from a product standpoint really hasn’t innovated that much”.

Apparently Oracle is looking to target the small to medium business market following the launch of its Oracle Database Appliance, and is not worried about muscling in on HP’s turf.

Althoff also took a swipe at the much debated plans to spin off HP’s PC business.  According to CRN, Althoff reckons that HP’s server business is heavily reliant on its PC business’ economies of scale.

As a result, HP’s ability to innovate, as well as keeping cost effective, could well be damaged.