Online dating site caters to adulterers

When it comes to online dating, one company wants to offer punters a little something extra. A little something extra-marital, that is.

The Ashley Madison dating service – founded in 2001 – is currently running a series of both television and printed ads to convince those stuck with the old ball and chain that their balls don’t necessarily have to remain enchained, so to speak.

Indeed, it would appear the view of Ashley Madison’s 37-year-old married father of two, Noel Biderman, is ‘why restrict revenue stream to lonely hearts when you can make tonnes of cash from married tarts?’

Might pay your alimony

Having been both a lawyer and a sports agent in a previous life, Biderman certainly can’t be a stranger to sleaze, but when it comes to making money, the man certainly doesn’t need a cheat sheet, with his site already counting some 3.2 million adulterers, er, members.

Now that’s something other dating sites might well covet.

You can check out some of Ashley Madison’s provocative YouTube ads below: