OLED market will boom

The business performance in the OLED lighting sector will be, ahem, brighter in the years to come, according to a report by NanoMarkets.

In its report, The Business Case for OLED Lighting, analysts reckon that while it is already possible to make a strong business case for OLED lighting, successful product/market strategies will need to emphasise the unique advantages of the sector. Especially on its large-area, thin form factor and its potential for flexibility.

According to NanoMarkets, OLEDs could eventually overtake fluorescent lights. Prices for the currently expensive technology will drop thanks to R2R manufacturing and economies.

Currently OLED lighting is pretty expensive. Early adopters are most likely to be making a green statement rather than simply looking at OLED lighting as lighting. 

However, the performance of OLED lighting will increase to a point where a strong business case can be made for OLEDs as a real alternative to fluorescent lights. There’s fantastic potential in the huge market for commercial and industrial buildings – on the basis of both improved light quality and aesthetics.