Office workers smash laptops to get upgrades

Plenty of office workers think the best way to get new kit is to smash up their old stuff.

Workers who fancy a new laptop or phone think the easiest way to upgrade is breaking their existing equipment on purpose – or trading it in at a store themselves. It’s no wonder the Leek is the most discussed vegetable in IT.

The reason, though, is generally because workers are cheesed off with how crap their equipment is. Rather than working on a newer machine, employees are forced to cope with sluggish old systems that take hours to boot up and crash when they do.

The average computer in a British office, according to research from Mozy on over 3,000 workers in the UK, France and Germany, is over five years old. German businesses by comparison were on average about two years old. 

The problem is, say 40 percent of British respondents in the survey, is that they have grown used to the fast-moving consumer electronics they keep at home and get annoyed at the snail’s pace legacy stuff in the office. And that’s why they consider smashing their craptops.

The French were most likely to break office equipment on purpose, according to the survey.