Office workers putting company data at risk

Haphazard office workers are putting office data at risk while working remotely according to a new survey.

In a study of 1000 office donkeys, Fasthosts found that 37 percent had taken risks with work-related data or documents.

This included sticking them onto personal or home PCs or just not really caring what they did with them as soon as they stepped outside their prisons, sorry offices.   There was no mention of sticking your workmate’s data in a jelly, but that must be right up there too.

In what will have cyber crooks rubbing their hands in glee one in four of the respondents also admitted to committing at least one ‘data security sin’ such as losing a USB device, leaving laptops alone on a train, or keeping work-related files in a car overnight.  These must be people who work for the council or NHS, or MI5.

And it seems we’re a nation of office horders with one in four confessing to keeping past office data stored on their old PCs. That said, one in five slack when it comes to make any back-up copies of important documents, which in our eyes is a blessing considering how many get lost.  

The trusty old USB stick came in first when it came to the preferred method of data storage and transfer off-site with 25 percent of skivvies saying they used this, while 24 percent preferred email. This was followed by 14 percent who used a laptop to store their data, while nine percent proved to be briefcase bods with nine percent preferring the good old paper document.  

IT monkeys also got in the firing line with the research also finding that too many UK firms are losing data as a result of IT problems.  In fact one in 10 workers has lost data recently as a result of a server or disk-drive failing.  

Of course Fasthosts had something to say about this, primarily that there were web-based services that could help workers safely transfer, store or back-up their documents whilst working outside of the office. Unsurprisingly this is something the company deals with.