Office props up Microsoft

Microsoft has announced what it claims a record for first-quarter fiscal year revenue, ending 30 September, up seven percent from the same time last year. Total revenue was $17.37 billion. 

Key to propping up its profit was Office, which as part of the business division saw overall first quarter revenues of $5.62 billion. That is eight percent up from te same time last year when Office 2010 was launched. Similarly, its software for the server like SharePoint and Exchange swelled 17 percent in the quarter.

Microsoft’s success in Office was twinned with a ten percent boost for the Server and Tools division, which posted results of $4.25 billion for the quarter. 

Its Windows business was not so lucky. Although, in a statement, the stagnant division is described as “in line” with the PC market,  it grew just two percent. Microsoft is pinning its hopes on Windows 8. 

Meanwhile, its Entertainment and Devices division performed well, as the Xbox remained the console of choice for its home turf in the US.

The quarter’s earnings see a generally stable MSFT, but perhaps in a transitional phase. Following the Skype buy, the VOIP service will have its results integrated into Microsoft’s for the second quarter. 

COO Kevin Turner says the quarter was strong for Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Lync, as well as increased interest in cloud services like Office 365 and Azure. He says he and Microsoft are “excited about the holiday buying season,” but you’d be barmy to buy a Windows 7 PC or Windows Phone 7.5 with 8 around the corner.