Ofcom saves the CCP's bacon

Various quangos may have faced the Government’s zealous chopping but Ofcom has decided to keep its axe at bay.

It has decided that the Communications Consumer Panel (CCP) will stay, despite plans last year that the “independent” advisory body, which cost the tax payer £700,000 in 2008,  be closed early in 2011.

It wanted to close the body that it funds and appoints as part of cost cutting measures. However, it seems as though it’s taken pity on its counterpart. It said in a statement: “In our October 2010 newsletter we reported that the Panel was going to be abolished and that we would be working through the implications of this decision.”

Now Ofcom will maintain the Panel for at least a year and the pair were currently discussing what resources that would also be available to it during this period.

“The Panel wants to ensure that it will be able to continue representing consumers in the communications sector effectively, it said.

To do this the Panel wants independence, staff and funding – good luck with that.