Obama to target patent trolls

US President Barack Obama might not be the strapping young Muslim socialist he used to be, but he still seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

According to the Wall Street Journal, he is planning to take executive action against patent trolls. 

Since the US Congress is a wholly owned subsidiary of big business, it can’t be counted upon to reign in money men and their shady practices, so Obama will reportedly instruct the USPTO to start coming up with new rules that should curb abuses. 

The WSJ says Obama will announce five executive actions and seven legislative proposals tomorrow. It is not a surprising move, as Obama has already made it clear that he believes the US patent system is badly broken and in need of an urgent fix. 

One of his ideas is apparently aimed at stripping the International Trade Commission of some of its powers. The ITC has been embroiled in a series of patent disputes, with high profile names seeking import bans on competing products based on relatively vague claims that rarely stand up in court.