Obama praises Apple for local manufacturing

We know that the US is not that hot on geography, but President Barack Hussein Obama II is supposed to be a cut above the rest of the herd.

However, in his State of the Nation address, when Obama praised all the efforts that Apple had been doing supporting US manufacturing we wondered if he had the right country.

Apple is famous for not supporting American jobs and instead shipping them off to China where they are made by the sorts of places where people need to exit the company via the roof.

Obama praising Apple for US job creation is like praising David Cameron for helping UK students get a better education or Silvio Berlusconi for creating a strong economy.

Yet one of Obama’s policy points in his State of the Union speech was that US companies were setting up manufacturing locally, and he praised those in the process of doing this, including Intel and Apple.

His statement was based on a promise that Apple would start making Macs in the US again. This is something which has been talked about but not done yet. Cook announced in December Apple’s plans to move some Mac production to the US. The company is investing $100 million on this venture, Cook claimed. Anyone who knows Apple’s manufacturing budget would be aware that sort of cash is a drop in the bucket.

Obama might have said it because sitting in the box listening to the speech was none other than Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, who was fresh from a carefully choreographed meeting with shareholders. Strangely, since his December announcement he has not talked about bringing Macs back to the US for a while.

Intel has been investing in the US building a manufacturing plant in Arizona. The plant is expected to produce Intel’s next generation of processors built on its 14-nanometer technology. The company said it was investing more than $5 billion in the place. But it also invests shedloads in Ireland, Israel and other places in the world.

Unless we woke up and Obama was suddenly the President of China, he can’t really claim that the IT industry is backing his country’s manufacturing.