Obama appoints Intel's Otellini to business council

Intel’s Paul Otellini has been named one of President Obama’s right hand men for advising on a Council of Jobs and Competitiveness.

That’s according to White House officials, who have said the Intel CEO will join General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt – appointed as the group’s chairman – and other members who are expected to be named in the coming weeks.

Otellini and friends will will focus on finding ways to promote growth and encourage hiring. They will also brainstorm and try to find ways to encourage the best jobs and businesses to go to the US.

The new council will replace the Economic Recovery Advisory Board that was headed by former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.  

In the third quarter of last year Intel spent $830,000 on lobbying in the US.

The money went on lobbying on immigration, government funding for scientific research, trademark and education. The rest went on government internet policies as well as bugging Congress, the Departments of Energy and Defence, and the Federal Communications Commission, among others.

Obama has also talked to the likes of Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. He’s trying to get their support for his education and innovation agenda, but whether there was any pillow talk remains to be seen.

Otellini has had government look ins before. Last year he was approached by David Cameron to help with an advisory board. Back in September Prime Minister David Cameron, said he was appointing Eric Schmidt to a council of business leaders which would help advise the government on business and economic matters.