Nvidia, Xerox, Motorola others get writ over remote access

The same day, and yet another patent action, this time involving another clutch of IT companies being sued over software patents.

A case was launched in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division alleging that Xerox, Activision, Ademero, Cakewalk, Check Point Software, Coffeecup Software, Cvision, Document Imaging Solutions, Geo-Plus, Lenovo, Manedge Software, Motorola, Nvidia, Office Gemini, Polycom, Portable Tech Solutions, Silicon Graphics International, Synchronica and Treeno Software breached patents.

The action was brought by Betanet LLC, which alleges that the defendants breached two patents it owns – 5,103,476 and 5,222,134A secure system for activating personal computer software at remote locations.

The allegations against the defendants all follow a similar pattern. For example, Nvidia is accused of selling software using a process that provides a program file to a remote computer having a display. “Licence transaction information is entered in the registration shell portion, and that information is transmitted from the registration shell to a separate registration program provided in a registration computer.

“The registration program merges the licence transaction information with a second executive control program – representing a complete version of the program file – to generate a unique overlay file. The unique overlay file is transmitted from the registration program to the registration shell, and contains the second executive control program.” And so on. Nvidia is accused of infringing the patents by selling its Purevideo decode and muvee Reveal programs.

Other companies face similar charges over different products.

Betanet LLC wants a court and a jury to decide whether the firms have breached its patents, and if so, it wants money.