Nvidia sees revenues grow in Q4

Nvidia had a good Q4, reporting revenue of $886.4 million.

The dosh, for the quarter ending on January 30 2011, was up five percent from the prior quarter. However it was down 9.8 percent from the $982.5 million the company raked in from the same period a year earlier.

In terms of gross margins, these jumped 3.4 points to 48.1 per cent, while the company pulled in a net income rise of 31 percent to $171.7m.

However, it seems Nvidia had a little help from its tech friends, with this quarter including a $57m credit, which is part of a new licensing agreement with Intel. The settlement, which came under the operating expenses part of the results and gave Nvidia a little helping hand of $37.1m. The figure dropped to this amount thanks to the tax man getting his hands in the company’s pockets.

“These strong results underscore the larger story of NVIDIA’s transformation,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia president and chief executive officer. “Even as we are extending our leadership in visual computing, our investment in mobile computing and parallel computing is now driving our growth.

He pointed out that the company was looking at Tegra to help drive “super phones and tablets“, while Tesla was “becoming an essential processor for supercomputing.”

And the company also had a few ambitious predictions for 2012, claiming it  expects revenue to bump up by six to eight percent from the fourth quarter.

Earlier this week Nvidia demonstrated its next-generation mobile processor, a quad-core mobile processor, at Mobile World Congress, which it expects to see tablets and phones later
this year.

It also hopes that its profits will also be boosted by a custom CPU, which is currently in development and will use the ARM’s Project Denver. The Denver CPU cores will be integrated into future generation processors for PCs, servers, and supercomputers.