Nvidia merges Ion and Tegra teams

It’s no secret that Intel has made Nvidia’s life rather difficult since the lawsuit over chipset development kicked off last year.

It’s also no secret that legal matters have forced Nvidia to abandon its chipset aspirations for the time being, even ensuring that its Ion2 netbook enhancer was a full blown (although stripped down) discrete GPU to avoid any further trouble.

What has been kept rather quiet, however, is the fact Nvidia recently took the strategic decision to merge its entire MCP group with its Tegra development team, melding the two into one big, nay HUGE 650 person family. Or somewhere thereabouts.

So with Tegra and Ion developers plugging away together, one has to wonder what Ion’s long term prospects really are, although according to Ion product manager, Ken Brown, with a Gartner prediction for 40 million netbooks to ship within the next year, Ion isn’t disappearing anytime soon.

Still, Tegra will no doubt benefit from the added manpower and smarts the MCP team will bring to the table… or should we say, Tablet.