Nvidia CUDA ace to move on to AMD

Nvidia’s VP for CUDA seems to think that the grass is greener on the other side, with rumours floating around that Manju Hegde will be seeking employment at AMD instead.

Hegde founded his own company, Ageia, back in 2002 which was responsible for creating extensive physics engines and bringing GPGPU to the fray in the graphics market. Nvidia thought hey, we need this guy, and got him on board to develop, deploy and work out the kinks of PhysX and the much-touted CUDA.

It’s interesting that, if he is leaving, he’s choosing now as the time to get out. As we reported earlier this month, Nvidia could be considering dropping CUDA. It’s made a big CUDA push and has been keen to get the word out on all the good the technology is doing for boffins in the biotechnician and 3D artist space. As one of our commenters said: “CUDA wasmy main reason for buying an Nvidia GPU! If Nvidia drops it, not only will I be very let down, I will also start looking at ATI GPUs more seriously.”

Perhaps Hegde is thinking the same thing.

Kitguru has a good report on Hegde moving over to AMD with background info on the man. The site says that Hegde is the guy for getting industries to buy into his technology, and indeed, he got “the whole world speaking his language” after the sale of Ageia. We’d have thought Nvidia would have been scrambling to keep the man on side – watch this space for further developments.

Both Nvidia and AMD were unavailable for comment.