Nvidia blacklists sites that don't do as they're told

Nvidia has blacklisted reviews site Hardware Secrets after it published its take on the MSI NG60GTX video card – without any help from the company with obtaining a sample, the site claims.

Goons over at Nvidia allegedly got in touch after the review, complaining that the author didn’t mention PhysX or CUDA, despite not fitting in with the editorial of the review. In a blog post, Gabriel of Hardware Secrets said that he replied saying that PhysX or CUDA probably wouldn’t be of interest to the average reader and that the site does not do re-writes. Again, according to Hardware Secrets, it had to go to great length to obtain a sample of the card to review for its readers, receiving no support at all from Nvidia, it claims.

After this email exchange, apparently Nvidia distanced itself entirely from the popular enthusiast site. It would not answer calls and invites stopped being sent, along with pre-release announcements. As said in Gabriel’s post – he is also the editor in chief of Brazilian website Clube do Hardware, which manages to rake in 20 million page views a month. Anyone at Nvidia thinking that South America or Brazil is an emerging market should think again: it’s an established market already.

Nvidia allegedly throwing its toys out of the pram seems like a short sighted move. It’s never a wise move to bully journalists into how they should write their content – we as a breed are likely to chuck our toys out of the pram too, or rather, squarely at the bully.  

You can see the full post here.