Nuance buys up MacSpeech

Speech company Nuance said it had bought MacSpeech and would bring its Dragon speech technology to Mac users.

In 2008, MacSpeech licensed Dragon dication technology and brought out a product called MacSpeech dictate. Apple fans already have Dragon Dictation for the iPhone.

Nuance did not say how much it paid for MacSpeech.

As well as supplying voice tech to PCs and now Macs, Nuance also wants to move into the lucrative automotive sphere as well. At least they’re not planning to make fighter jets respond to voice commands – we hope – that was one of Lernout & Hauspie’s rather dafter ideas.

Peter Mahoney, general manager for the Dragon division of Nuance, said: “We have heard from our customers – and from the Mac community at large – for years that they want Dragon for the Mac environment.”