NSA spies looking to blackmail Muslim clerics

Spies in the land of the free were looking at what sort of porn people were downloading so that they might have a weapon with which to blackmail them.

According to another Snowden release, the National Security Agency has been gathering records of online sexual activity and evidence of visits to pornographic websites.

It is part of a cunning plan to blackmail or harm the reputations of those who are radicalising others through incendiary speeches.

The logic is that a radical Muslim cleric is less likely to be taken seriously if his followers know that he spends his nights downloading “Babes with Jugs”.

A top-secret NSA document identifies six targets, all Muslims, as “exemplars” of how “personal vulnerabilities” can be learned through electronic surveillance, and then exploited to undermine a target’s credibility, reputation and authority.

It fails to mention giving similar attention to born-again Christian priests who call for President Obama to be assassinated because they are Americans and immune from spying efforts. This is despite the fact that US presidents are always killed by their own people.

Among the vulnerabilities listed by the NSA that can be effectively exploited are “viewing sexually explicit material online” and “using sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls”.

Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said the revelations give rise to serious concerns about abuse.

He said that the agency is collecting massive amounts of sensitive information about virtually everyone and it knows what you are downloading.

None of the six individuals targeted by the NSA is accused in the document of being involved in terror plots and all currently reside outside the United States.