NovaThor has breakthrough deal

ST-Ericsson has failed to wow many with its NovaThor chipset, despite having an interesting spec.

However according to Rethink Wireless, all that is set to change now that HTC has signed up to aid the troubled outfit.

STE has been having a thoroughly miserable time of things lately. You would expect to see some problems when your main ally is rubber boot maker Nokia, which has also been going through the mill too. But STE has also been trying to move from its legacy products into new vistas and that has been hurting its bottom line.

It appears to have bet the farm on China, where it has invested heavily in TD-SCDMA. It looks like that is cunning plan is finally paying off and NovaThor has been accepted for a smartphone for China Mobile, to be made by HTC.

Dubbed the Sensation Z710t the phone will supports China Mobile’s own 3G standard, TD-SCDMA. It will havehigh end HTC Android smartphone features and will use NovaThor as part of its sales pitch.

NovaThor is designed to challenge Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor/modem combinations in smartphones and tablets. It is made from the A9500 dual-core application processor, running at 1GHz, and the Thor M6718 modem.

All this means that the Sensation Z710t will be the heavyweight among China Mobile’s offering. This is no big deal. China Mobile itself has been suffering lately because it fell behind its 3G rivals because of the limited TD-SCDMA network.

HTC’s COO Matthew Costello, said in a statement that STEs NovaThor platform has allowed his outfit to come up with an Android smartphone for China Mobile’s TD network.