Nothing says 'love' like an iPod or a Kindle

While the meaning of Christmas has been submerged under a giant coke advert for the last 50 years, Valentine’s Day has been mostly just marketing from flower sellers and tacky greeting cards.

Until 2010 when the great love feast, which was instituted by the Roman Catholic church to ‘convert’ the believers of a popular bishop with heretical leanings, has now become the domain of the electronics retailers Apple and Amazon.

If you read the Apple adverts, nothing says “I love you” better than giving the person of your dreams the same gizmo you bore her to death by forcing her to share headphones while you listen to Coldplay and U2.

Amazon thinks that love is giving her an expensive Kindle ebook reader. Its marketing teams searched through all the feedback emails they got about their Kindle and “noticed” that the word ‘Love’ was used a lot.

“The Kindle’s up there with Haagen-Dazs and sex”, said one user who is probably doing both wrong. “ I LOVE the Kindle!” shouted another user.

Clearly this was not the sort of love that St Valentine was banging on about.