Notebook shipments to grow slower than a sloth in Q3

The third quarter of the year is traditionally the strongest period for sales. So why are notebook makers’ shipments this year expected to grow only 11.3 percent sequentially to 49.88 million units and drop in the fourth quarter to 3.4 percent sequential growth and 48.18 million units according to Digitimes?

Surely with the Eurozone slowly sorting itself out and demand generally stabilising in other sectors, the notebook market would be doing fine as well. Market analyst organisation iSuppli sees slightly higher sequential unit growth for Q3 of nine percent. But that’s still six percent lower than the historical Q3 sequential unit average.

Matt Wilkins, Principal Analyst for Compute Systems at iSuppli, tells us that it’s because everyone’s already got one. With the global economy gradually getting back on-kilter, people have started to have the moo-lah to buy kit in the first half of the year.

“I think we are seeing this due to the significant demand we see in the first half of the year, where the feeling of the improving economy may have brought forward sales which were due to occur later in the year,” Matt told TechEye.

“However, I do think that there is not a single factor contributing to the growth rate.”