North American cinemas struggle to cope with 3D strain

Following the immense success of 3D eye candy Avatar in the cinemas, studios stateside are going hog wild to get the next visually stunning 3D blockbusters out, says the Wall Street Journal, but there aren’t enough cinemas to go around.

There are more than 20 3D releases on the way this year with more announcements to follow – though the WSJ reckons the huge budgets required for each film are likely to end up “cannibalising” each other, especially considering so far under 10% of the US’ cinemas are actually 3D enabled.

About 250 3D enabled screens are being added each month to keep up with the trend. While this should provide enough cinemas for the holiday seasons, it’s going to be a rough few months coming up. Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, How to Train Your Dragon, Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans are all on their way out soon, and it’s unlikely the theatres will be able to cope with the strain.

It’s no wonder the studios are rushing to get their pictures turned 3D, with some studios making last-ditch attempts to convert their films for the technology: it’s tough to pirate 3D films. People are going to the pictures in droves to umm, oohh and ahh at the pretty tech on screen, something a Googled torrent is at the moment unable to provide.