Nominet sacks Jill Finney for involvement in CQC cover up

The UK’s web domain registrar, Nominet, has sacked ex Care Quality Commission director Jill Finney as Chief Commercial Officer.

It was Finney’s involvement in the CQC cover-up scandal that led to her dismissal. “The increasing public scrutiny over our CCO’s former role at CQC has made it impossible for her to continue with her role and responsibilities at Nominet,” a formal statement read.

Finney was previously deputy Chief Executive at the CQC.

In this transcript from the accountability hearing with the Care Quality Commission, the CQC’s Kay Sheldon gave evidence against Finney, claiming to have been barred by Finney from attending the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry on Patient Experience.

“With regret, we felt it necessary to terminate Jill Finney’s employment with immediate effect,” the statement continued. “Ms Finney will be paid one month’s salary in lieu of notice”.

Before the implications of her involvement in the Mid Staffs affair, the Guardian reports, it was thought she had been due for promotion to Nominet’s board. It is understood Finney was on a six figure salary at the company.

Finney was hired by Nominet in March, but the board felt, considering the CQC controversy, her continued employment could do damage to the company.

The CCO position was created earlier this year for Nominet to commercialise operations in a more open domain name market. Finney’s role was to explore commercial partnerships in domains as well as running Nominet’s marketing and communications. Here she worked with Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley as well as COO Eleanor Bradley and CTO Simon McCalla.