Nintendo has its last Wii ever

The Japanese game console maker, known as Nintendo,  has decided to have its last Wii and is discontinuing its highly successful bit of game gear.

The Wii was expected to be a flash in the pan, when it launched in 2006 with a spec which was noticeably worse than its rivals the Xbox and the Playstation.

However, thanks to a cheap price tag, and a motion controller, the game managed to attract significant attention. Nintendo has sold 100 million Wiis worldwide since launching in 2006.

Now Nintendo Japan has revealed its intentions to cease production of the Wii.

A message on the Nintendo Wii product page  has since been changed from “manufacturing is scheduled to end soon”, to “manufacturing has ended”.

Lately, things have not been going well for Nintendo. The Xbox 360 is believed to have overtaken the Wii in the UK and North America and its successor, the Wii U, has failed to make a similar impact in shops.

Ironically the Wii U received a boost through the release of Wind Waker HD which helped boost sales by 685 percent. Not the first time that a Wii was wind assisted.