Nick Clegg scraps databases and says CCTV will be properly regulated

Nick Clegg has announced that over £7 billion worth of government databases will be scrapped and CCTV will be properly regulated.

However although privacy groups have welcomed the scrapping of databases, others have called the CCTV promises a “load of old rubbish.”

In his speech today Mr Clegg said: “It is outrageous that decent, law-abiding people are regularly treated as if they have something to hide. It has to stop,”

He also said the £1.3 billion identity cards scheme will be cancelled, as well as the £3.6 billion biometric passports database. The £224 million ContactPoint database of vulnerable children will also be scrapped.

The news has been welcomed by No2ID, which has been campaigning for database scrappage for years now.

Phil Booth National Coordinator at the organisation, told TechEye: “It’s a very welcome first step. However, the Government must act now to scrap these plans instead of dragging it through Whitehall and having the plans delayed by some members who are still very much for the database state.”

In his speech Mr Clegg also promised that “CCTV will be properly regulated.” This has angered privacy group No CCTV, which told us the claims were a “load of old rubbish.”

Charles Farrier, a representative for the group, told TechEye “This is nothing new, they are just trying to shush up privacy campaigners by putting the word “properly” in front of a strategy that is exactly the same one as that set out by the last party.

“It should not be about what people can do with CCTV, it’s about what they can’t do,” he added.

Mr Clegg also left himself some room for maneuver when it came to the Interception Modernisation Programme, which would demand ISPs retain details of the customers’ communications, in case intelligence or law enforcement agencies want to access them,  saying: “We won’t hold your internet and email records when there is just no reason to do so.”

The Liberal Democrat press office refused to tell us exactly what those reasons would be..