News Corp punts a Skiff so you can pay for news

The almighty Murdoch empire bought a slice of the formerly almighty Hearst empire today by buying in e-reading outfit Skiff.

News Corp has also invested an unknown sum of money in Journalism Online LLC and the money the Murdoch empire has invested is also counting heavily on the pay to read news model, pioneered by the Wall Street Journal but now operating in a rather more unlikely fashion for the “Thunderer” – the Times of London.

It could be argued that Murdoch didn’t see the writing on his print empire’s wall back in 1994, when the Rogister was launched. Earlier today, we published the essence of an OECD report that said everything printwise is in sad decline.

News Corp said in a statement that Skiff delivers “premium journalism” to tablets, smartphones, e-readers and netbooks. Just last week, British fortnightly Private Eye said that the Times of London had laid off 50 journalists. Journalists are not necessarily at a premium. In fact Reed describes journalists as “data gatherers”.

Journlism Online LLC is a venture “dedicated to enable newspapers, magazines and online only publishers of quality content to collect revenues from their online readers”, said News Corp.

Err…. This is not how journalism nor online journalism works, dear souls. News Corp would not reveal how much money it wasted.