News Corp, Apple delay iPad newspaper

News Corp and Apple have decided to delay the launch of the iPad-only digital newspaper, according to sources close to the Wall Street Journal.

The paper, called The Daily, was supposed to launch next Wednesday, but now it will be delayed for an undetermined period of time while the partners work out some difficulties.

What these difficulties are is not clear beyond a mention that they need more time to test their subscription service, which will need to work flawlessly come launch day, since the publication will be beyond a paywall.

The delay was confirmed by News Corp, but both it and Apple are remaining tight-lipped about exact details.

The sudden delay could be due to more than just extended testing, however. The duo may have fallen out over the implementation of the newspaper or the royalty percentages either party wants. News Corp has been lauding the iPad for months, suggesting it wanted this deal for quite some time, but Apple may not be so keen.

Another possibility is that Apple wants The Daily to launch on its upcoming iPad 2, which is rumoured to launch on February 1, giving the second generation device another selling point over its still relatively new predecessor.