New gadgets and gizmos showed off to disties

A chap showed off some new gadgets and gizmos the channel should be interested in a presentation called Fresh. This involved demoing products disties might be interested in carrying in their line.

One was Phone Halo, a product launched at CES which he claimed was new. The idea is certainly not new – we were talking about this stuff which lets your keys not be separated from your pockets nor your cigarettes from your lighter, we expect.

Next new thing up is Trendnet, a Californian company which is presenting two new products powerline and wireless products including a 450Mbps wireless router. And a 450Mbps wireless adaptor. That allows the transfer of high speed transfers inside the house.  The powerline product allows transfers of 500Mbps.

And now to Tunebug. Tunebug has a sample checker which turns almost any surface into a speaker. He showed off a product that fits to almost every kind of helmet while you’re cycling around. It turns your crash helmet into a loudspeaker. It’s a Bluetooth device.

Next up a man from Arctic who showed off a box called Senses that combines Blu-ray, PC and everything else built into a slim box. The box hasn’t a fan and is intended for multimedia in the home. “You buy it, you plug it, you use it,” said the man.

Next up was Suneet Tuli, the CEO of Datawind who showed of a series of netbooks and tablets all of which come with SIMs and stuff embedded in them that give bundled access. They include cellular modems too, and sold in 34 different countries. The devices come with access pre-bundled. It’s aimed at entry level customers who don’t have access to the internet. The company sells 100,000 units in the UK.  There are no contracts or monthly fees for the first year. Customers are tied into recurring revenues, or residuals, as the channel calls them.

Tricklestar showed off a device that is a digital thermostat to replace mechanical thermostats, and can include a schedule. This is odd. I have a digital thermostat like this in my house, made by Bosch. It’s wireless like this one.  We must investigate what’s new about this.

Movea has embedded a motion sensor into a mouse – it claims it owns the technology behind the Wii. The product is called the Gyration Airmouse. You can operate your PC using a gesture system to do things like choose files, change volume and surf the web.  Gestures can be assigned to any functions.

Next came David Lock from Vuzix who was showing off the Wrap 920AR – providing a “cinema in your pocket”. It gives a virtual 67 inch screen in glasses that provide augmented 3D.

Last up Fred Brown showed off his own product called Fitbit, a health and fitness product that can be placed anywhere on your body and tracks all of your movements. It’s wirelessly picked up by a base station. It also tracks your sleep data that tells you your “net sleep”.  

Net sleep? We’ve heard of it here in Monaco – the yields and margins are not very high.