Nets don't work: Another Foxconn suicide, not in Shenzhen

Guess what? Hon Hai aka Foxconn’s measures to stop workers from offing themselves don’t appear to be working. Safety nets recently put in place failed to catch an employee not at the infamous Shenzhen plant, but at the plant in Kunshan, JiangSu Province which has seen another person formally retire by way of a high building. 

The Shenzhen plant after a spate of horrific publicity and morbid PR disaster implemented pay rises, therapy, buddhist monks, play rooms, mandatory sports days and safety nets in an effort to stop workers from offing themselves. The JiangSu factory has safety nets too but they didn’t manage to catch the poor lass who thought it was too difficult to go on.

Foxconn workers in Shenzhen were ordered to sign a no suicide pact with employment.

It suggests an inherent problem in Foxconn management instead of being isolated to just the Shenzhen plant. It had been suggested by psychology experts that a spate of suicides can encourage others to do the same, as with the tragic Bridgend suicides in Wales.

Media coverage may have ensured that the worker knew about the Shenzhen suicides but they were happening in a different place – could it be that Terry Gou’s infamously poor working conditions in the Hon Hai’s plants are to blame? A full company-wide investigation is sorely needed.

Foxconn confirmed the death today of Miss Liu, 22 years old. She first started working at the Kunshan factory on the 22nd of March this year. According to MicGadget, the Chinese government has been misleading the media on the facts, but Hong Kong and Taiwan have been reporting.